Arsenal Revive Interest In Former Brazilian Ballon D’Or

Arsenal was linked with Real Madrid’s attacking midfielder Kaka during the summer transfer season opening, and now with the Gunners back in control of the situation and gaining momentum, a new deal may arise.

The problem now is that Real Madrid’s manager Jose Mourinho may want to use the attacking midfielder as an exchange currency for Chelsea’s Frank Lampard, as the two teams were previously linked regarding the exchange.

Between Real wanting to keep him until further notice and Arsenal trying to steal him, Tottenham in on the wire now as well since Harry Redknapp expressed his Big Four ambitions. Modric could indeed use some help on the creative part of the field and Kaka would be a good addition to them.

Coming back to Arsenal, Kaka would be a bit out of his element there probably. He’ll join a league he never played in before and a very young team with only a few players as old as him and not many older.

He could feed his ego with the “superstar” image he could regain at Arsenal after losing it when he moved away from Milan, and perhaps he’d be of use, but Wenger is now tracking some of the younger stars in Europe.