Koscielny Wants To Attack the EURO With France

Arsenal’s centre midfielder Laurent Koscielny admitted that he’s very satisfied about having the opportunity to play for his national team, and hopes that he will be a part of France’s squad for the EURO 2012.

“I am very happy,” he told Arsenal.com “I waited for this for a little while and now I have it. I am happy because it is a big achievement for me. I have worked a lot with my club and with the national team, so now I want to continue to play with France.

“It was my first cap so I was a little stressed. For the game I played alright with my partner Adil Rami. We talked a lot and we defended very well. We kept a clean sheet and for a defender that’s the first thing you want.”

“The season is so long so if I do the job well with my club, defend well and are strong I will go to the national team,” he said. “I have to give everything on the pitch to go with France next year.”

Koscielny proved his worth for Arsenal in both the centre and the right sight of the pitch showing his skills. After his first cap for France it’s certain that he will play for his national team again if he manages to impose himself at Arsenal.