Coquelin – Lille Is great But Arsenal Is My Target

Arsenal’s young hotshot Francis Coquelin has declared his enthusiasm and delight regarding Lille’s attempt to get him to France on a loan move in January, but the defensive midfielder seems set to make his mark at Arsenal as well.

“It is good that Lille want me and they are a great club.

“If an offer arrives we will see what happens but I would rather be focused on Arsenal as I think I can do good things here.

“I have learned a lot in training every day with great players and I have progresses this year. I think I have shown Wenger I have a chance.

“At 20, I think I can be useful to Arsenal.”

Even though the 20-year-old might seem a bit overly confident, he does have a point. If we have a look back at the start of the season when he was used against Manchester United and didn’t really know much about where he should stay on the field, he made a humongous leap forward and learnt a lot. He showed us the incredible progress in the match against Manchester City where he was able to stand up against footballers of world class and put in an incredible performance.