Arsenal’s top three Super-Subs!

Often, Arsenal would get into extremely sticky situations where we are either losing a game or in a goal-less situation. This calls for reinforcements coming for the bench to change the game. The bench is also very important as it provides fresh legs for Arsenal on the pitch. Only with new energy then the team can find a spark to change the game. Thus, the depth of the squad is also very essential in these situations. Many players such as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made their career famous by being a ‘super sub’ as did Theo Walcott up until this season. So, I shall analyse who on the Arsenal bench can bring a spark to the team when needed.

1) Andrei Arshavin
Perhaps Arsene Wenger’s most used substitute recently, the little Russian is known for his creativity and moments of magic. Due to poor stamina and lack of pure effort, Arshavin rarely starts nowadays and is used as backup by Wenger. He is the one on the bench that can produce the most with shortest period of time, although he rarely seems to show it nowadays.

2) Yossi Benayoun
Signed on a one year loan deal from Chelsea, the Israeli skipper has one of the best dribbling and technical ability in the league. If given opportunities, Benayoun could be a game changer for Arsenal and should be used wisely always. He certainly looks like the real deal when given the chance.

3) Tomas Rosicky
Many say the time for the Czech skipper may be up due to irritating injuries and unwanted attention from the media. However, Rosicky still has what it takes and if called upon halfway during a match, he can produce the goods and be a great backup for the team. In fact recently he seems to have recovered his former glory and is pushing to be a starter more often.

Substitutes are one of the most important parts of the game. If Arsenal get into tough and unfavourable situations, we do have the capabilities on the bench to pull us through always. Which of these three should Wenger have at the top of his list of game-changers?