Bendtner Regrets Arrest. Is He Guilty Or Not?

Arsenal’s striker who is playing on loan for Sunderland at the moment has shed some light upon his arrest, but without claiming to be guilty or otherwise. This comes after Bendtner was arrested for supposedly damaging several parked cars.

“The past couple of weeks have seen me involved in several incidents that have attracted much negative attention from the media,” Bendtner said in a lengthy statement.

“The latest incident involves two of my team-mates (sic) and me who were picked up by polite and friendly English policemen this morning as CCTV footage allegedly shows us in the process of damaging parked cars after a wet night out on the town.

“This case now has to make its way through the British system of justice and a verdict is expected by February next year. In connection with all these incidents I have to make one thing very, very clear.

“I am extremely sorry for all of this. I apologise sincerely that I have allowed myself to get involved in things that are interpreted in such dramatic fashion. I fully assume responsibility for not distancing myself from these incidents before they got out of hand. The error is mine alone and I am sorry that I have let so many people down. Basically, I am a normal guy with an extraordinary job.

“I tend to forget this at times but deep down I know these things. And it does not serve as an excuse for me letting myself get caught up in this.

“My family, my son, my precious girlfriend and football are the most important things in my life. And this is what I will have to focus on 100%.”

Bendtner seemed a bit guilty in the statement and if you would ask me I’d say that he did do those things, which is the least stupid from his behalf. What do you think about this issue?