Wenger Wants His Friends Close And His Enemies Closer

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger wants to keep his friends close, but his enemies even closer as he wants all four English teams to continue in the European Leagues. This is because he wants City and United to be just as tired as the Gunners will be and he also wants Chelsea to perhaps knockout some of the tougher opponents.

“For England and all the clubs it is better that we are in because we get points and it is vital that we keep four teams in Europe,” he said.

“By going out early it damages our chances to be in Europe with four teams. Financially it is a bit of an advantage if you go through because you share what you get by two rather than by four.

“The tendency in a competition is that you want your opponents to lose but I have understood for a long time that you cannot get rid of opposition anyway.

“You just have to focus on you and to be as strong as you can, that’s it. I always fight against that. Maybe you want your strongest opponents not to be there but if they are replaced by somebody else then it will be difficult anyway.”

Even if Chelsea will be drawn against one of the big teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona they’re unlikely to knock them out, so Chelsea can’t help Arsenal too much except for keeping up their fatigue factor.