Van Persie – I only like Barcelona and Arsenal

The prolific Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie has admitted that he is a great fan of “beautiful football” and he only ever watches Barcelona and Arsenal games (usually on the pitch in Arsenal’s case!).

But he also admitted that Arsenal need to try and “win ugly” when their slick passing game doesn’t quite come off. “Nobody can play beautiful football all the time.

“When that happens I tell our lads ‘If it’s not happening for you, just try to kill off the game so we can move on’.

“I am still a lover of the beautiful game and always will be but I have become more realistic.

“It is too romantic to think that you can win matches by playing beautiful football alone.

“Barcelona are the exception — and I have to admit they and Arsenal are the only teams that I often watch on TV.”

That statement can only be a worry for Arsenal fans who are aware that Van Persie still hasn’t decided to sign a contract extension with the Gunners.

How would you feel if Van Persie followed Fabregas to Barcelona?