Van Persie Is Certain He Was Born To Be A Central Striker.

Arsenal’s top striker Robin Van Persie is delighted about the decision Wenger made to move him in the centre and admits that he finds scoring to be easier since he started playing with Gervinho and Walcott on the wings.

“I have felt more like a centre-forward recently,” he said.

“In the beginning I had to get accustomed to the idea, I was not convinced that I could play in this position.

“Since then I have become clear in my mind, and grown into the role. I enjoy scoring more now these days.

“You can see it from my goals – some come about from willpower pure and simple.

“You can see it in my face, ‘OK, the ball’s got to go in no matter how’.

“I used to think about other options when faced with the goal – looking to find team-mates with a clever pass, going for a hook shot or blasting it.

“I am now far more matter of fact, even though I still enjoy a good assist.”

Robin is very close to breaking yet another record and now everybody is waiting for him to provide Gunner fans with reason to be proud of being an Arsenal supporter once again.