RVP Goes Against Wenger’s Advice Aiming For The Top

Arsenal’s top striker Robin Van Persie is thankful for his great year, but admits that the reason for his success is the fact that he managed to play for a whole year without getting injured for the first time since joining Arsenal.

“I didn’t miss one Premier League game [this year], and in most games I played 90 minutes, so when you have a good run and feel fresh and fit you try things,” he said.

“You take a few more risks than perhaps you would when you are coming back from injury. When you don’t have a run, you don’t really try things.

“As a striker it is really important to have a go. If you feel like having a chip or cutting the ball instead of shooting [you should do it].

“If you look at my performances, I take more risks now because I know that, with the team I have behind me, I will get more chances. It’s not as if I will only get one chance – I always get one, two, three maybe four in a game, so I can take a risk here and there.”

“It’s a big honour because Thierry is probably the best player Arsenal ever had and to achieve that in a year is really special,” he said.

“I am really proud but it is not my main target. But as it has happened, of course I am really happy.”

The Dutchman is now 3 goals away from breaking Shearer’s 36 goals record and he doesn’t want to stop until it’s broken. Even though Wenger advised him to rest, the Dutchman wants to push on and break the record before he gets to rest for one game.