Arsenal legend says that Henry will “inspire” the Gunners

Arsene Wenger’s comments yesterday about the possibility of bring the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry back to the club next month has sent ripples of anticipation out amongst Arsenal fans all over the world.

Even as far away as Brazil, the former Arsenal star Gilberto (who still plays for Gremio at 35 years of age) believes that Henry’s return could only be a good thing for the club even if he doesn’t retain the speed that made him a legend.

“He has a great history with the club and everyone will be inspired by him,” Gilberto said. “I can’t comment on him as a player because he is 34 now, but I know he is a good guy and great to have in the dressing room.

“This is an important year for Arsenal because many things have changed for the club.

“Arsene has gone for experienced players and I think Thierry can help the team a lot.

“Arsenal’s been a big part of his life and has a place in his heart. I know how he feels.

“Even if we have moved to some other clubs, once you have played for Arsenal you never forget the club – the memories of the passion.

“It would be great to see him back wearing the Arsenal shirt.”

I am certain that his prescence in the dressing room would be a great boost to the confidence of the Arsenal squad, but I’m not sure that he would still be able to cope with the current Premiership defences if he was seriously called upon to make an impact.

Is the thought of Henry re-signing (albeit for a short while) a great move simply for his inspiration, but should Wenger still be looking further afield for a younger substitute for Van Persie?