Can Wolverhampton’s Keeper Stop RVP?

Wolverhampton’s goalkeeper Hennessey is ready to have one of the busiest matches of the season against the Gunners on Tuesday. Considered the busiest goalkeeper of all the other Premiership keepers, Hennessey thinks that the Arsenal match will be one of the toughest tests for him.

“It is a team game but you always look at your own individual performances as well.

“I like to give myself a mark out of ten every game and as long as it’s seven or upwards I’m doing well.

“People have been giving me the stat that I’ve made more saves than anyone in the Premier League.

“I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing to be honest but it’s nice to hear as a goalkeeper that you are making a lot of saves.

“Then again as a team we want to be conceding fewer goals.

“Any goalkeeper hates letting any goals past in and keepers and defenders pride themselves on clean sheets.

“We need to get back to picking up clean sheets and that will come from all of us as a team.

“We’ve maybe let in a few unnecessary goals but if we can get back to keeping nice and solid we can keep some clean sheets as well.

“I’ve played every Premier League game so far this year and can hopefully start keeping some clean sheets and not picking the ball out of the net.”

Arsenal’s striker Robin Van Persie will be looking to make Hennessey a hard life in his search for another 3 goals which would take him to glory and destroy Shearer’s record of 36 goals. Wolves can expect a bit of trouble from the Dutchman who is now motivated more than ever.