Arsenal Injury List Update. Wilshere And Sagna Soon To Return!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is delighted by the way his most important injuries are progressing. Backary Sagna and Jack Wilshere are now fighting with themselves to get fit as soon as possible.

According to the Frenchman the two are ready to start playing as soon as January and Sagna seems just a touch faster than Wilshere in the recuperation.

“Jack is doing very well, he is one week behind Bacary Sagna, so he should start to run outside next week,” said Wenger. “He could be back in the team at the end of January, beginning of February.

“You could see that Sagna is ahead of schedule. I saw him still limping a little bit so we have to be careful but physically he will be ready very quickly because he worked very hard in the gym.

“We can think about him returning as soon as he will be capable to touch the ball. We think the end of January is a reasonable target.”

Arsenal needs Sagna like they need air at the moment because of the situation with the full-backs at the club, so it’s a good thing that he’s ahead of Wilshere whose services are needed but not that urgently.