Per Mertesacker keen on both Podolski and Henry?

Arsenal’s giant defender Per Mertesacker is torn between the two massively skilled strikers Wenger is trying to transfer and can’t choose which one would be best for the club.

When asked about Henry, Mertesacker replied:

‘He is a great opportunity for us,’

‘But I’m not the manager. I am happy training with him. He is playing well. Training against him is a great experience. He shows his class. He has the same attitude he showed in a lot of Arsenal games.’

But when asked about the much younger striker Lukas Podolski who has also been his colleague at the national squad for quite some time now, the giant replied:

‘Of course I’ve been on the phone to him. He is a great player. He scores a lot of goals. His left foot is unbelievable.’

Lukas Podolski would be a great addition to the club on a longer basis while Henry would be a hit amongst the fans and would be an impressive marketing strategy which will probably help sell millions of club products with Henry’s name, but sports wise Podolski is the better choice. Don’t you think so?