Van Persie: The assists are as important as scoring goals (and I am working on my headers!)

Arsenal’s joint record goalscorer Robin Van Persie doesn’t think that a striker should get all the credit for scoring goals, and believes that the players that provide the assists are just as important, if not even more so….

“For me I do appreciate assists as much as a proper goal,” Van Persie said.

“It’s so important to have that. Luckily enough we live in a world now where people do recognise good assists. Before it was more about the goalscorer and he was the main man but people do realise that the guy that makes that final pass is just as important.

“We all know that it’s important that the assists get the credit too, which is very important in my opinion. For me personally, if I could choose between a tap-in or a really good assist, I would choose the assist all day long.

“For example, Alex Song’s pass for me in the game against Everton. It was a really good volley, OK, but without that pass I would have never scored.”

One other strange fact is that Van Persie hasn’t scored one League goal with his head this season, but he assures Arsenal fans that it is an important part of the game and he works hard to improve his heading.

“I do work on that because I think it’s just about getting that crucial information in your brain that you actually can do it,” Van Persie said. “Heading is not really about height, that it’s only for tall people.

“It can be for lots of people – look at Tim Cahill at Everton, for example. He jumps highest and his timing is always right. I think I spoke after the Leeds game that I want to score more headers.

“I would like to score more but at least there has been some improvements in the last year. I do feel that it can be a strong point from my point of view.

“With heading everything needs to come together because you have to balance your steps, take a look and calculate your own measurements.

“I have it in me, I know that and I show that but I want to do it more and really make it my weapon.”

He already has two lethal weapons in his feet, he hardly needs any more!

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