Villas-Boas – December is decisive and Arsenal made the most of it

It was another fantastic weekend for Arsenal after Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs all dropped points while the Gunners won a hard-fought three points against QPR.

Chelsea’s home defeat to Aston Villa has prompted their manager Andre Villas-Boas to say that the best they can now hope for is fourth place, while Arsenal have made the most out of the busy festive schedule in December.

“It’s disappointing on the fact that, in the last three fixtures, all the top teams have dropped points.

“We spoke about how December could have been decisive in the running of the league.

“From what is happening now, Arsenal made the most of a good December. Liverpool, too, in some way. The rest of the teams have struggled.

“All of them dropped points, but we couldn’t make the most of it. It’s difficult for us to be in perspective for league contention this year.”

“There is no running away with excuses. What we regret more is that, from the last four games, we’ve lost a big opportunity to shorten the distance to the leaders.

“Massive opportunities lost. We would have been running for the title if we’d had a better December.

“I don’t think the title is realistic. Our reality is a fourth place finish, but that is not good enough.”

With Tottenham and Arsenal in such great form, it is even uncertain that Chelsea can still finish in the top four, and that will more than likely mean the end of Villas-Boas short reign at Stamford Bridge.

His task is going to be made even harder when he loses Didier Drogba and others to the African Nations Cup this month….