Van Persie – It’s fantastic to have Henry back!

Arsenal’s very own Flying Dutchman Robin Van Persie may have broken Thierry Henry’s goal-scoring record at Arsenal last week, but he is more than happy to see the Gunners biggest legend return to the club for the next couple of months.

“Thierry’s been fantastic,” Van Persie said last night. “I played with him for three years, and I’m happier than anyone to see him back here. When you train with guys like that, you can see that with every single touch he takes, he knows exactly what he is doing.

“He’s so experienced — he knows when to go, when to drop, when to pass. And even the little things — the little drills in training — he gets them spot on. When the younger players see guys like Thierry, myself, Thomas Vermaelen doing these things, they know there is no excuse for them not to follow example. It’s great to have him back here.”

Wow, if Van Persie is convinced that Henry still has the skill and speed to still be a force in the Premiership, then we lowly Arsenal fans should also fully accept that Wenger has made the right decision in bringing him back.

I can’t wait to see Henry scoring more goals in an Arsenal shirt. and of course hearing the fans singing the old ditty. Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry….. There aren’t a lot of words but it sounds fantastic when everyone is singing it!