Should Arsenal’s Squillaci be charged with “false representation” ???

The French defender Sebastien Squillaci must be rueing the day he came to Arsenal and ruined his excellent previous reputation.

He was brought in in the summer of 2010 to make up the numbers after Arsenal lost William Gallas, Sol Campbell and Mikael Silvestre, but as fourth choice centre-back he probably didn’t expect to play very often.

But due to Thomas Vermaelens full season injury plus other problems he ended up playing 20 games last season but he was thoroughly lambasted by Arsenal fans for his lask of skill or foresight, and he was blamed for every defensive mistake while he was playing.

His passport probably says “defender” and if so he should be charged with false representation!

This season he was relegated to sixth-choice centre-back and even the youngsters Francis Coquelin and Ignasi Miquel have been used in defence this season while Squillaci languished on the bench.

Yesterday Wenger was finally forced to put the ex-French international on the pitch, for the first time in a League game this season, against Fulham after Johann Djourou got sent off with ten minutes to go.

Within five minutes of his arrival Fulham had scored an equaliser, and five minutes later Squillaci headed the ball to Bobby Zamora, from which he scored Fulham’s winner!

Wenger’s dearth of defensive options may now mean that Squillaci will have to start in Arsenal’s next League games against Swansea and Man Utd. Should Wenger “invent” a new injury for Squillaci rather than give him any more playing time?

Time for Wenger to put him out of his misery?

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