Big-mouth Hartson (who?) is sick of Wenger’s excuses

The ex-Arsenal striker John Hartson who scored a massive 14 goals in two years for the Gunners, reckons that Arsene Wenger needs to stop making excuses when his team loses, and instead remonstrate with the players themselves for getting themselves booked or sent off leading to Arsenal defeats.

He said: “People are sick of it. You want Wenger to come out and say ‘look, my players were ill-disciplined’.

“Over the years at Arsenal the discipline has been woeful under Wenger. You want him to take it on the chin.

“We all know Arsenal should have won the game, they go 1-0 up but that’s a dangerous score line, they needed that second goal. Fulham are always thinking, one more goal and we’re back in this.

“I’m getting sick of excuses from Wenger. I don’t know how you can defend his comments really. I genuinely feel Djourou deserved to get sent off.

“The first tackle on Dembele was a definite booking, and a rash referee could have sent him off. Then he gets away with another one on Frei that could have been a booking and then the third one on Zamora.

“Zamora’s a very clever player and if you’re clean through and then pulled back, clever players go down. You’ve seen Arsenal players like Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas and Robert Pires all go down under Wenger.

“This is was what clever players do. If they are touched, if they’ve felt a little bit on the shoulder, they go down. It’s not cheating, it’s clever.”

Someone needs to tell the pathetic Hartson that Arsenal fans are sick to death of ex-players trying to tell Arsene Wenger how to run the club. Everyone criticizes him but surely his record would seem to suggest that he knows what he is doing……