Szczesny bemoans Arsenal’s “childish performance” against Fulham

Arsenal failed to hold on to Fourth Place in the Premiership with the last minute defeat to Fulham on Monday, and the Gunners goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was not very pleased with the manner of their defeat after conceding two goals in the last five minutes.

Szczesny was quoted in the Independent as saying: “We played 48 hours ago and then had to play with 10 men,”

“There was probably some tired legs but I think probably we should have kept the concentration and focus and we would have been fine. But it was a very childish performance in the end from us.”

“I thought for 85 minutes we defended really well with 11 men and they never looked like scoring,” he concluded, “And then, when we had to play with 10 men, they looked very dangerous.”

But as we all know every game last at least 90 minutes, and if Arsenal’s extremely well-paid professionals can’t summon up the energy to play for that amount of time every couple of days then they shouldn’t really have been on the pitch in the first place!

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