Van Persie Welcomes Competition At The Club

Arsenal’s star Robin Van Persie has praised his new colleague Thierry Henry for having the courage to sign with Arsenal once again and return to the club with consecrated him.

The Dutch star is delighted about Henry’s return after the two also played together in the past before the French star left the club.

‘Some people might ask why he chose to come back, because he is already a legend here,’ said Van Persie, who took the skipper’s armband this season. ‘For me, it tells you everything about him; Thierry is coming back because he loves the game.

‘If you asked 10 legends, whether they would come back, I am not sure they would have been brave enough.’

Van Persie added: ‘Thierry knows things are at stake, he is remembered as a legend, but for him, it is simple – he loves the game and wants to be a part of the club he loves.

‘I am sure he will get loads of games because I have seen him in training and I don’t want to put too much pressure on, but he is looking really good.’

‘The good thing is that we have been able to have a little break over the last few days, which is always welcome at this time of year,’ Van Persie said. ‘I have been able to recharge the batteries a little bit, get refreshed and ready to go again. I’m looking forward to the year.’

Henry is sure to make his mark in the Premiership just like he did in the Cup match against Leeds United, but Arsenal shouldn’t rely too much on the legend who will soon leave the Emirates Stadium for the second time in his career.