Can Arsenal hold on to a Europa League place?

Arsene Wenger has admittedly done really well to drag Arsenal from the bottom of the table into a position where they looked like they were fighting for a place in the top four again.

But that only lasted for one game, and now they have been beaten by Fulham and Swansea, with Man United coming up next week. The Gunners have now lost seven games already this season (which is the same as Swansea, Aston Villa, Norwich and Stoke City) and if that doesn’t become eight next week I will be very very surprised.

Next week Liverpool play Bolton and Newcastle face Fulham while Arsenal play Man Utd. The odds are that the Gunners are going to drop one or two places again by the end of Sunday, and who would bet on them coming back after todays performance?

Ramsey was rubbish, Arshavin was misfiring as usual, the defence doesn’t bear analysis and Henry and Van Persie were largely anonymous in the second half AGAINST SWANSEA!

Can someone PLEASE tell me there is something positive to say about this game, and Arsenal can still make a place in the Europa League next season?