Wenger Attacks The Referee Again. Shouldn’t He Attack Himself?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has accused the referee after losing 3-2 away at Swansea, saying that the ref’s decisions altered the outcome of the game.

This comes after a previous similar comment of Wenger’s which he offered last time Arsenal lost in the Premiership against Fulham.

“We played against a good side and I believe as well we lost the last two (league) games under very special circumstances.

“We were very unlucky because it was never a penalty and after that I feel as well we were guilty because when you come back to 2-2, we could feel that there was space to win the game.

“Straight away we gave away the 3-2. They were struggling a bit at the time and that gave them of course morale again and their goalkeeper kept them in the game after.

“We missed some great chances at 3-2 and in a game like that, you cannot afford that.”

The referee might have influenced a goal, but not all three of them, so don’t you think Wenger should stop pointing fingers and start taking on himself the responsibility of losing the second game in a row in the league, and playing with 4 centre-backs instead of transferring a full-back?