Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry Admits He Made A Big Mistake

Arsenal’s legend Thierry Henry apologized for his behaviour after Sunday’s match against Swansea when he used inappropriate language when speaking to one of Arsenal’s supporters who was unsatisfied of the club’s poor performance on the day.

“I was really shocked and disappointed on Sunday, and not just at the result,” Henry told The Sun.

“After the final whistle of a very tricky game, I insisted the whole team go and applaud the Arsenal supporters.

“When I arrived in front of our own fans, I couldn’t understand the abuse the team were getting from one of them.

“I wanted to tell the fan in question that we need their support not abuse. The sentiment was right but in hindsight could have been better expressed.

“So I would like to first and foremost apologise for using inappropriate language to that particular ‘supporter’.

“I didn’t intend to be malicious or threatening and am aware that it could have been said in a calmer manner.”

Henry might receive a fine for his behaviour, but above all it’s his image the French star is most worried about. Nobody can know what the fan actually said to cause this nervous reaction from the one they call “Titi”, but the veteran should take more care about his image cause now he has a statue and a legacy to honour.