Real Madrid want Van Persie, but the Arsenal captain wants Barcelona

All Arsenal fans are well aware that Robin Van Persie wants to see if the club are going to give him the chance to win trophies before he retires, and with a Europa League place looking about the best that Arsenal will offer next season it is nearly certain that the Flying Dutchman will be moving on.

The latest rumours are saying that the Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho is keen to take Van Persie to the Bernabeau next season to make sure they can stay one step ahead of Barcelona in La Liga, but going by past statements from the Arsenal captain it is clear that he would prefer to move to Pep Guardiola’s team.

He said last year about the Madrid rumours: “They are a great club, but it really goes fast with managers and players. You’ll get a neck problem. You’ve won nothing? Go away … here, you have a couple of millions, on to the next signing. The way that Arsenal and Barcelona do it speaks more to me.”

He also recently admitted that Barcelona are the only club, other than Arsenal, that he bothers watching on the TV when he is at home. He said: “I am still a lover of the beautiful game and always will be but I have become more realistic.

“It is too romantic to think that you can win matches by playing beautiful football alone.

“Barcelona are the exception – and I have to admit they and Arsenal are the only teams that I often watch on TV.”

With David Villa breaking his leg recently (just after there were rumbles that Villa was unhappy at the Nou Camp anyway), there is no doubt that Van Persie would be welcomed at Barcelona, not to mention the chance to play with his good friend Cesc Fabregas again.

But could Wenger stomach losing his biggest star to Barcelona for the second summer running?