Wenger – I can’t see me retiring (but I will one day!)

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been in charge of the Gunners for 15 years already, and as he approaches retirement age he says that he just can’t imagine a time when he stops working in football.

He thinks though that staying on as manager in old age could turn him a little crazy! “I don’t stay sane!” Wenger said. “It is a life where you need to take a certain distance from the immediate emotional aspect of the game and you learn that with experience. You have to be involved emotionally because it is part of your job.

“I can’t imagine me retiring but it will happen. I will never retire completely. I will maybe do a different job, not every day out there with the football team. But I will work, that’s for sure.”

It will be a sad day for Arsenal when Arsene finally decides he’s had enough of the pressure (and it is immeasurable pressure) of living and breathing Arsenal 24/7 and it is not impossible to imagine it happening next summer if the Gunners fail to make the Top Four this season.

But what job should he do for Arsenal when this era comes to an end?