Wenger rants about injuries, rich clubs, bankruptcy and Fair Play

Arsene Wenger sounded annoyed when he was asked about whether he will be buying in some more reinforcements to replace the TEN injured Arsenal players currently in the treatment room, and he is clear that he needs all his casualties to recover if Arsenal are going to win back a Champions League place.

“If the players come back, we are strong enough to make the top four. If we do not have the players back we will struggle,” he said.

“Football is not a supermarket where you go in there and say give me a left back please, and a right back and a centre back. We have to find players better than what we have.

“You cannot buy a player every time you have an injury: where do you finish? England is bankrupt, the whole of Europe is bankrupt and everyone continues to spend like nothing happened.

“Arsenal are not bankrupt. We manage in a sensible way and that’s why we are not bankrupt.

“Everybody spends irrespective of whether they make money or not. It’s normal. But we try to spend the money we have.”

“What is unfair is that the pressure on our wages is higher, because the other clubs – who do not look at the way they manage – pay huge wages,” he said.

“For us just to keep our players, we are pushed to the limit with our wages. That’s why the financial fair play is needed. It’s not only for the clubs to manage well, but it is the fact that the pressure they put on the smaller clubs, who have less resources, is not sustainable.”

One can’t disagree with much of what Wenger says, but he admits that Arsenal are not bankrupt, and in fact have a massive cash surplus. So although no-one should buy a replacement for EVERY injured player, Arsenal could surely have afforded to bring in ONE loan player to cover for all our injured defenders?