Wenger Speaks About Transfer Possibilities. It Doesn’t Look Good!

Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem too eager to make any massive changes to the squad Arsenal currently have, and he declared that it’s very hard for him to identify players which are better than what the club has at the moment.

According to the Frenchman, even though a full-back is needed it’s very hard to find a better one than what they currently have, and it’s the same story with other positions as well.

“Our squad is strong enough, yes, (to finish fourth),” said Wenger. “If the players come back, we are strong enough. If we do not have the players back, we will struggle.

“Football is not a supermarket where you go in there and say, ‘Give me a left-back, please. And a right-back and a centre-back.’ We have to find the players better than what we have.

“When Vermaelen plays left-back, finding a better left-back for me is difficult. Vermaelen has missed two games, maybe another game Sunday. You cannot every time buy a player when you have an injury. Where do you finish?

“England is bankrupt. The whole of Europe is bankrupt and everyone continues to spend like nothing happened.

“Arsenal are not bankrupt. We manage in a sensible way at Arsenal and that’s why we are not bankrupt. We try to spend the money we have.

“What is unfair is the pressure on our wages is higher. Other clubs who do not look at the way they manage themselves pay huge wages. Then for us just to keep our players we are pushed to the limit with our wages, just to keep the players happy.

“Some clubs have unlimited resources. That’s why financial fair play is needed.

“It’s not only for the clubs to manage well, they can pay £10m per month if they can. But they put pressure on smaller clubs who have less resources. It’s not sustainable.”

The transfer window is soon closing so if Wenger does want to make any changes he should do that soon. Even though Arsenal do have a strong squad, the manager should really bring more players in because they’ll find themselves with so many injuries that they won’t be able to cope with playing at a high level anymore.