Ferguson worried about facing an in-form Van Persie

Manchester United’s boss Alex Ferguson fears that Arsenal star Robin Van Persie might make the difference against them if he’s in one of his best days.

According to the manager a player like Robin Van Persie can be an asset for every team and the Gunners could not do without him, just like Barcelona couldn’t do without Messi at the moment.

“He’s turned out to be a fantastic player,” Ferguson said. “Top teams usually have a player who can make a difference and Van Persie can. You look at Messi at Barcelona, Ronaldo at Real Madrid, Silva at City and for many years, Drogba at Chelsea. It’s a fact.

“Van Persie’s form and his goal-scoring have been fantastic. We have to hope he’s not at his best against us.”

Ferguson seems to think that Danny Welbeck will take the same role for Manchester United after he manages to fully develop his talent.

“We’ve always known about Danny’s ability since he was a kid,” Sir Alex said. “But he had to go through all the various growth stages over the years. We were patient with that because we knew the end product was always going to be there.”

Robin Van Persie is indeed the engine at the moment, but I don’t know if Welbeck will ever be able to become such an in-form player to do the same for United. Let’s not forget that RVP is not an average player and that at the moment he’s the second best goal scorer in the history of Premier League.