Should Wenger cash in on Theo Walcott?

Theo Walcott arrived at Arsenal as a 16 year-old with great promise, or why else would Arsene Wenger have paid 9m for an untried teenager? But his progress has been very stop/start and many Arsenal fans believe that he has simply reached the summit of his ability, and it is just not good enough for the Gunners.

Everyone wants Robin Van Persie to sign a contract extension this year, but how many people would be bothered if Walcott refused to sign and move on? Wenger said yesterday that he was “confident” that Walcott would re-sign, but also admitted that he hasn’t been on top form lately.

The manager said: “I think he is coming back now,”

“He had a dip over Christmas.

“I found people were a bit harsh on him at Swansea because in the first half he looked dangerous to me. In the second half he scored the goal and having seen the game again he created some dangerous situations.

“The expectation level in England is very high for him because he started at the age of 16. But I still feel he has improved a lot this season. I am confident that he will sign a new deal yes, but let’s see.”

It could be possible that (like Van Persie) Walcott will wait to see if Arsenal regain fourth spot, or win a trophy, before committing to an extension, but the point of this post is to find out whether Arsenal fans are bothered or not?

Should Wenger give him a pay-rise or sell him off?