Arsenal’s Solution Is As Simple As Buying Two Players

Arsenal’s solution isn’t all that complicated as it seems, and if our beloved French manager would decide himself to make just two transfers, the situation would turn around at an incredible pace.

First of all, sure, it’d be great to bring in Vertonghen, M’Vila, Gotze, Hazard, Podolski, Giroud and who knows how many other players which have been linked with a possible transfer to Arsenal, but the truth is that to buy all these Wenger would need to win a fortune at online casino games to pay for all of them.

But the fact is that all the Gunners need at the moment to bring their game to another level are two transfers which would spice up things big time.

First of all let’s review the weaknesses of the team. The defending isn’t great, but that’s not Wenger’s fault, the Gunners have many top defenders but the injury situation with the full-backs is just unfortunate and will pass soon.

The midfield is where it starts to be Wenger’s fault. Sure, Wilshere’s injury was also very unfortunate, but what about Ramsey. Did Wenger really expect to replace a player like Nasri with Aaron and get away with it?

The truth is that they are lacking creativity and the game is a long way away of the splendid passing game the Gunners used to have until just a few months back.

Arteta is amazing, but he can’t do it all himself, so he needs help.

Moving further upfront we find Andrey Arshavin who had his last good game a very long time ago, and Walcott, who after a very good first part of the season now seems drained. Sure, he didn’t score much in the first part either, but at least he created a lot. Why is this? Because nobody can challenge him and threaten to take his spot. Gervinho is now away and Chamberlain even though is an excellent player, isn’t used to his full potential.

Just bringing an attacking midfielder and a striker would turn Arsenal around and take them to a whole other level. Somebody like Hazard or Gotze or even Reus(who is still transferable) would take Ramsey off the team or at least make him eat lead for a first team spot, and a striker like Podolski or Giroud or some other skilled striker like Leandro Damiao who was also linked with Arsenal, who can challenge Walcott and perhaps tempt Wenger to change things up a bit up front.

The fact is that Wenger is right to some extent, money don’t necessarily guarantee a win, but in this situation they can guarantee the Gunners will at least get a Champions League spot.