Don’t Arsenal fans feel sorry for Arshavin? Give him a break!

Everybody is slagging off Arsene Wenger for putting Andrei Arshavin on the pitch yesterday, or to be more exact, for taking Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain OFF the pitch.

Arshavin ran on the pitch with thousands of Arsenal “supporters” booing and hissing, even though the game was played at the Emirates and Arsenal weren’t losing. And even his captain Robin Van Persie is telling Wenger not to make the change! How do you think he felt at that point? How is going to get the motivation to make a difference to the game when it sounds like everyone in the Stadium (and your strike partner) is against you.

And just five minutes later he is trying to help out in defence (would Oxlade-Chamberlain have been that far back at any time in the game?) and he gets slated for letting Antonio Valencia past him to set up Danny Welbeck’s winning goal. The cameras followed him walking back up the pitch as if it was completely his fault that Arsenal conceded. Where were the rest of the team?

At the end of the game the cameras lingered on him yet again, and he didn’t look very happy at all. He has been lacking in confidence for some time, but how on Earth is he going to feel after that 15 minute nightmare. He must be rueing the day he ever moved to Arsenal and If I was him I wouldn’t want to play for the Gunners again if he is going to get booed just for walking on the pitch.

I admit that he has not been in the best of form for a while, but he was made a scapegoat yesterday and it is just NOT FAIR!