Wenger – I was right to take off Oxlade-Chamberlain

Arsene Wenger has been thoroughly lambasted for taking off the exciting youngster Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain yesterday, and replacing him with Andrei Arshavin. The fans around the ground immediately started booing at the change and even the Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie made it clear that he was making a serious error.

But the Frenchman is adamant that he made the right decision and doesn’t need to explain his actions. “I’ve been 30 years a manager and made 50,000 substitutions and I do not have to justify every single decision I make.” Wenger said.

“I can understand the fans are upset about the substitution, especially when it doesn’t work. It means I made the right decision (in picking Oxlade-Chamberlain) at the start of the game.

“He had started to fatigue and stretch his calf. He was sick in the week. Arshavin is captain of the Russia national team. You have an 18-year-old kid who’s playing his second or third game and a player who’s captain of his country and they are querying the substitution? Let’s be serious.

“People pay for their tickets and are free to express their emotions. That doesn’t mean they’re right always.”

“It was important not to make a mistake, tactically or attention- wise, especially on the flank,”

“We were caught. But if you expect me to blame an individual, it will not happen. We win and lose together.

“If I’ve made a mistake, I’m sorry. I’m like a player. I’m not completely sure.”

Okay, Oxlade-Chamberlain was sick during the week and was suffering from fatigue? Well then he plays 20 times better than Arshavin when he’s sick! And secondly, that doesn’t explain why he brought on Arshavin who rarely changes a game any more. He had other options on the bench…..