Arsenal Ready To Let One Of The Veterans Go

Arsenal’s attacking midfielder Tomas Rosicky may be close to a leave from the Emirates stadium as he contract ends in the summer.

The 31-year-old is one of the oldest players at the club, and after 5 less than impressing seasons with the Gunners he may finally leave. He was never a star, but he was always an excellent help for manager Arsene Wenger in times of need.

Fulham and Wolfsburh have been linked with a possible move for him, but the midfielder’s manager Pavel Paska declared:

“Fulham is just press speculation,” said Paska.

“I am now going to have a meeting with Arsen Wenger but won’t comment on anything before that. I don’t like to give any prognosis to the press.

“I react on facts and that means I will express myself only when we know the result of this meeting.”

Arsenal’s fans should prepare a nice departure for the Czech star because even though he wasn’t quite one of the stars of the teams, he was there for Arsenal through thick and thin always managing to give his all each time he was brought to the field even though at times that didn’t happen quite as often as he would have liked it.