Wenger trying to restore confidence in the Arsenal team ahead of FA Cup tie

Arsene Wenger has rarely seen his team lose three games in a row (the last time was five years ago) and with Arsenal getting criticized by ex-players and getting booed by their fans, the squad must be feeling under fire from all sides.

So now Wenger has to try and restore some semblance of confidence ahead of this weekends FA Cup fourth round match against Aston Villa.

The Sun reports that Wenger has had a special clear-the-air meeting at the Arsenal training ground, trying to impress on his players that, despite the bad run, the Gunners are still a quality team and he still has confidence that they can go on a winning run and gain a Top Four spot and perhaps the FA Cup.

Robin Van Persie has already issued a rallying call, and many other players have showed their unity by issuing statements of full support in the manager. I would particularly like to see how Andrei Arshavin is feeling after Sunday’s debacle. He has unusually added nothing to his official website or his Twitter account this week, so we can assume he is keeping his head out of the limelight at the moment.

I think he probably needs an extra long pep talk with Wenger to see how badly he was affected by the booing.