Robbie Savage – Wenger was wrong, but he still deserves respect

Robbie Savage is hardly a good friend or supporter of Arsene Wenger, but the hardman was still shocked at seeing Arsenal fans turn on Le Prof during last weeks game against Man Utd.

Even though Savage believes that Wenger made a mistake by taking off the Ox, he thinks that the fans reactions was out of order considering how much Wenger has done for the club over the last 15 years.

Savage said in his column in The Mirror: I can’t understand Wenger’s decision.

Oxlade-Chamberlain had just set up Robin van Persie’s equaliser and was giving United kittens every time he touched the ball. At 18, he wasn’t going to run out of steam, either.

And it’s not as if Arsenal had a midweek game to save him for.

But I can’t understand the derision, either.

Wenger might be stubbornly tight when it comes to spending the club’s money, and he might be the world’s worst loser, but there’s no doubt that he DOES know what he’s doing.

He didn’t deserve that.

And I wonder whether that fan reaction could see him walk away from the Emirates at the end of the season if, as is rumoured, Jose Mourinho parts company with Real Madrid.

Wenger shouldn’t be guaranteed a job at Arsenal, but he should be guaranteed some respect.

I know that Wenger is used to criticism from the Arsenal fans and he must have grown a skin of steel to have learnt to ignore the barrage of snide remarks, but surely not even he can carry on taking this stick much longer…