Wenger refuses to write-off Jack Wilshere for the season

Arsene Wenger is aware that Arsenal are not going to get Jack Wilshere back in the Arsenal squad for at least a couple of months after he suffered a setback yesterday, but he still thinks that he can play a part in the season run-in, and could even still go to the Euros with England in the summer.

He first admitted that the news is a blow for Jack and Arsenal. “It is a massive disappointment and I am really disappointed for him as well because he is a football animal. I am so sad that at that age you have to be out for such a long time without any obvious reason,” Wenger said.

“If you had told me that Jack would not have played one game by February I would have said that’s impossible.

“We miss that little burst from Jack. Let’s hope it goes well and we have good news.

“It’s impossible for him to play at the end of February. Even if we have some good news, I would say that’s impossible. From day one, when you are completely fit to practice again, to be match fit you count at least six weeks. He is gutted.”

“Who would want to write his season off?” Wenger continued. “I don’t want to and he doesn’t want to. If we have good news and he can move on, why should we write him off?

“Yes, I feel for him and of course he wants to be in the big tournaments. I believe as well that he wants to play for Arsenal too. He grew up here remember.”

But it is now looking like the earliest that Wilshere can return is going to be at the end of March, and that is an optimistic figure. But at least if he DOES come back then and recovers his form, at last he will be fresh for the Euros.

Good news for England but bad news for Arsenal.