Arsene Wenger wants Top Four, but Arsenal fans NEED the FA Cup!

The relationship between Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans is slowly deteriorating the longer the club goes without a trophy, but Wenger has yet again emphasised that he must focus on getting the Gunners back into a Champions League position.

“I have always told you exactly the same, the priority is be in the top four,” said Wenger.

“In recent years I felt that we produced always the consistency at the top, top level and it is not enough for some people maybe, but for me that is the brand of a top level club – consistency in the top four.”

Arsenal are currently five points behind Chelsea in fourth right now, and many Arsenal fans believe that Wenger should make the FA Cup the main priority now as it is the only real target that Arsenal could win this season with FA cup betting odds actually favoring the gunners to win it. If Wenger brought back a trophy then they may even be able to forgive Wenger for not making the Top Four.

But if Wenger plays weakened teams in the Cup and STILL fails to make fourth place, then Gooners may not be so gentle in their criticism. After Wenger admitted his love of the Top Four, he then tried to assure fans that his record proved that the FA Cup was also a top target.

He said: “I love the FA Cup, I think it is a top-level competition and I will always fight to win it.

“I won it four times and lost one final, and I don’t know how many semi-finals. I always try to win every single competition.

“If you look at my record you will see the FA Cup is important for me. I think our record is better than all of them over the past 15 years.

“Even last year we went for four trophies. How many teams go for four trophies this season? Nobody.

“We always try to go for everything and for a long, long time last year we went for trophies late in the season, and still we will try to do the same and try to win the FA Cup.”

Even more than winning the FA Cup, Arsenal have to win this particular match to arrest a devastating three-game run of defeats. Another defeat today will try the patience of the most loyal Wenger fans.