Gazidis Attacks Manchester City’s Policies

Arsenal’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis attacked league rivals Manchester City saying that money isn’t everything in football and that even though the Citizens invest a lot they’re not playing in the Champions League and were also knocked out of the cup.

“We’re in three competitions this year. Manchester City would love to be in three competitions,” explained Gazidis. “They’re not. So money is not everything in this game.

“I don’t disagree that it’s important. But we do things based on a value system. We’re about creating star players, not about buying them.

“We’re about what happens in a team, between players, not individual superstars. And that’s an inspiration to people around the world. We can’t afford to compete with oil money and we can’t afford to compete with super-wealthy individuals from Russia.

“But the more important thing about our model is that it’s sustainable. Our business model means we can continue to do what we’re doing forever.

“We’re proud of the way we do things and we’re proud of the results that we’re able to produce from that.”

Gazidis is indeed right, money won’t bring trophies but the players they can buy might. The truth is that Arsenal are a long way behind City this season and that’s only due to good players leaving and average players coming in, so he’s not completely right.