Wenger – I am Confident Of a Top Four Finish

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is not yet in despair even though the Gunners only managed to get a draw out of the Bolton game. According to the Frenchman, Arsenal are sure to get a premier league top 4 finish at the end of the season despite the bad late run.

“We feel we have dropped two points because we had chances to win the game,” said the Arsenal boss. “But we produced a decent game against a difficult opponent who gives you the ball, marks tight and waits for their chance.

“We were unlucky as well – we hit the bar, hit the post, – as well as missing some great chances. In the end, we took a gamble playing with four strikers and nearly got caught in the last five minutes.

“I feel what was missing was to take our chances early in the game and that would have changed the whole game. They would have had to come out.

“But I am still confident of a top-four finish. There is a long way to go. I’m confident we can come back. We have come through a difficult period.

“We are confident, but I believe we have to produce our form game by game. For us, every game in the championship now is a cup final.

“People ask about difficult spells, but we had more difficult periods even when we won championships – we did not win for six games.

“It’s part of football. When you have lost three games like we did, and then you don’t lose the fourth game, it’s always not too bad.”

“I don’t know really,” he said. “I can talk and talk, but I don’t know any more than you.”

“When everyone looked at our fixtures at the start of this year, we had Manchester United and Everton away and Liverpool and Arsenal at home and no-one would have expected us to take any points,” said the Wanderers boss.

“But we’ve taken seven points from 12 and it could have been nine. We must continue this run and move away from the dangerous position we are in.”

Wenger must realize that it’s a shame for such a big club like Arsenal to have Big Four ambitions and that they should always fight for the title. Everybody can understand that they had a bad start of the season after Nasri and Fabregas left, but by now the manager should have turned it around completely, especially given the possibility to transfer in the January window.