Will JC Park EVER play for Arsenal?

The South Korea captain Chu-Young arrived at Arsenal in suspicious circumstances this summer after having a medical at Lille, but for some reason Arsene Wenger seems to have no faith in his ability to hack it in the Premier League, despite saying that he has settled in London more than once.

Wenger said when he arrived: “We are delighted to have signed Ju. He will add true quality to our attacking forces and will be a valuable addition to the squad.”

The news that Park can only stay for two seasons due to his commitments to doing National Service for his country makes it imperative that Wenger gets some value out of playing him, but until last weeks cameo League debut against Man United he had only made three appearances in the Carling Cup.

Wenger assured the fans before Christmas that Park was ready to step up. He said: “The adaptation period for him is over now so he has to come in and show he has the quality to play for us,”

“I believe he has the quality. We also have Arshavin and Oxlade-Chamberlain, who is now ready to play.

“We lose Chamakh and Gervinho for January – two strikers. Maybe Chamakh has not played too many games, but he is still a security that we have. So Park has to step up.”

But instead Wenger decided to bring in Thierry Henry as cover for Van Persie, and Park now seems to be a permanent fixture on the bench, with seemingly no hope of getting a game. Wenger didn’t even put him on when Arsenal were 6-1 up with half an hour to go yesterday and Van Persie had already got a hat-trick!

Henry may be returning to America in a few weeks, but with Oxlade-Chamberlain’s promotion to the first team, and Gervinho to return from the Nations Cup, will Park EVER get a chance in the first team?

He must be bad if Wenger even prefers to put an out-of-form Arshavin on the pitch in front of Park!