Does Wenger Confuse Football With Business? – Hazard Good But Too Expensive?

Even though Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger admitted his interest in Belgian playmaker Eden Hazard, the youngster might never end up at Arsenal if Lille’s officials won’t go down on the fee according to the Frenchman.

Hazard, who was rated at £30million in the January transfer window is also highly wanted by a lot of European clubs with Arsenal rivals Chelsea in the pole position, but Wenger will need change his age long policy if he wants him.

“You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds. I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.”, said Wenger.

“I really like him (Hazard) and, for several reasons: it’s his creative power, his ability to mis-align the opponent, his vision of the game and his consummate skill to address the last pass which make him a very interesting player.”

Well, we can all understand that Wenger and Arsenal are trying to make an yearly profit, but they just sold Nasri, Fabregas, Clichy and Eboue and they got over £60 million only out of Nasri and Fabregas so it’s legitimate to ask why didn’t Wenger make  a move on somebody in the winter.

And it’s even more legitimate to ask whether Wenger will count last season’s earnings in the summer when new players will have to be brought in or he will just use the same line saying that he must make a £20 million profit before he can start buying anybody?