What Should Wenger Do With Vela?

Arsenal’s loaned-out striker Carlos Vela has publically stated his interest to stay in Spain rather than come back to London at Arsenal. He’s currently on loan at Real Sociedad where he seems to be having quite a good time and he refuses to accept the possibility to come back.

“I don’t want to return to Arsenal. I have asked my agent to negotiate with Arsenal to stay here.”, Vela said.

Vela joined Arsenal at the stunning age of 16 coming straight from a youth side from Mexico, but even though he seemed by then a very promising player his talent failed to show in the manner that Wenger hoped it would and the striker only ended up playing 62 games, scoring 11 times for the Gunners.

He spent most time on loan in different places around Europe and he seems ready to settle down at Sociedad, but the question is why does he need his agent to talk to Arsenal in order to solve that?

Vela should have been let go a long time ago. He’s not a kid anymore and despite this he was never able to impose himself as a first team player, so why keep hold of him? Wenger should cash in on him and use the money to buy some other striker, this time perhaps a GOOD ONE!