Hands up who wants Real Madrid to get Van Persie instead of Bl**dy Barcelona?

The Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie has been linked with Barcelona for a while now, and it seems the Spanish papers have already started their systematic tapping up process.

Headlines such as “Van Persie wants to rejoin his mate Fabregas” or “Xavi thinks Van Persie will make Barcelona complete” and other such page-turners keep cropping up, and RVP himself has not been helping by saying “Arsenal and Barcelona are the only teams I admire” in the same way Cesc did for years.

Well today it is being (re) reported that Real Madrid are just as keen to take the Arsenal captain to the Bernabeau, probably simply because Jose Mourinho doesn’t want Barcelona to get any stronger. But Marca says it is because Mourinho “would rather go for Van Persie, who has the versatility to play as an imposing No 9 such as Didier Drogba, or take a place on either flank.”

We all obviously don’t want the Dutchman to leave, but if all Gooners look into their heart of hearts, wouldn’t you seriously prefer Van Persie to go to Madrid than to bl**dy B*rca?