Will Gervinho Play The Way Wenger Wants Him To?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger hopes that after the excellent experience he had at the African Nations Cup, Gervinho will come back to the club pumped with adrenaline and help set Arsenal back on the right track.

Wenger’s statement comes after an incredible goal Gervinho scored against Mali, a vital one for his national side.

‘It was a cracking goal against Mali,’ Wenger told Arsenal Player.

‘They were the better side but he made the difference. They scored only one goal, Gervinho made it and you can basically say he scored it on his own because he started on the halfway line and finished in a cool way.

‘Sometimes he rushes his decisions a little bit but I was very happy that he kept calm and finished in a very controlled way.’

‘That’s great news for his confidence and his country as well because I believe they are the best team in Africa by a big distance at the moment. Hopefully they will get rewarded in the final.

‘He creates those dangerous situations but the coolness he misses a little bit. That can help him to do that. I feel he proved that with us.

‘Also, who doesn’t want to be a hero in his own country? That will help him to be recognised in his own country and therefore boost his confidence levels.’

Cote D’Ivoire has a big chance to win the African Nations Cup and that will surely give Gervinho an attitude which will help him in the rest of the season at Arsenal.