Wenger – We Can Still Have Good News About Wilshere

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is hopeful that club playmaker Jack Wilshere will be back sooner than everybody expects him as the Gunners are waiting in expectance of the final scan Jack has to undergo before a decision can be made.

“I hope that we will get good news from him because that is very important for Arsenal,” he said.

“This is the stage where the [latest] scan will be vital to decide when he will come back.”

The manager also said that his relationship with Arsenal’s majority shareholder Kroenke, saying that he has no problem with the owner showing up at the training sessions every now and then.

“He can turn up any day,” the Arsenal boss said.

“He is the president of the club. You cannot forbid him to come to his own training ground, and he is welcome.

“We have nothing to hide here.”

Despite saying this, Wenger also stated that he would never accept somebody naming his captain after the recent turn of events with former England manager Fabio Capello.

Jack has been out the whole season and even though he was expected to come back during February a setback kept him off the pitch where he’s due to continue to stay for a while. His recovery is not only important for Arsenal but for the whole country as the midfielder is supposed to lead the game at his national team at the EURO 2012 and he needs to come back soon in order to recover full form until the summer.