AC Milan star writes off Arsenal

Arsenal will fly out to Italy this afternoon to prepare to face AC Milan on Wednesday evening, and one Milan star, Kevin Prince Boateng, thinks that the Serie A leaders have no reason to fear the Gunners.

Boateng knows Arsenal very well from his two years at the Gunners arch-rivals Tottenham, and he is sure that the wealth of experience in Milan’s team will easily give them the edge over the Gunners.

“I’m not scared of Arsenal.” he said. “The problem with Arsenal is one day they play amazing football and then they play really badly.

“In the end they don’t have balance. They either play unbelievable football or they don’t know what they’re doing.

“It comes down to inexperience. Arsenal don’t know what you have to do to win titles — they’re always close but they break down. All their players are young, of course they’re hungry but they don’t know how to get this target.

“Without the experience it’s difficult — to take the last step, experience is what you need. To win the league or to reach the semi-final or final of the Champions League you need experience.

“There’s always something missing at Arsenal.

“That bit is the experience — we have so much of that at Milan and I think that’s what they need.”

“These days you must spend money if you really want to have success.

“At the end it doesn’t matter if you spend maybe £20million too much — because you’re trying to win cups. And if you want to win cups you have to bring in fantastic players.

“Arsenal do have fantastic young players but, of course, if you bring two or three superstars it’s a lot different.

“Even the other teams get scared. If you see the opponent has all these big names you say to yourself: ‘Oh my God, who are we playing against today?’

“They have fantastic young footballers, they play like Barcelona — one-touch football and movement off the ball — but at the end it’s always the weakness of inexperience.”

Someone needs to remind Boateng of a very famous English saying; Pride comes before a fall!