Arsenal set for summer clearout? (including Walcott?)

There are reports this morning that Arsene Wenger tore a new arse into the Arsenal squad after the humiliation at the hands of Milan, and the whispers are saying that he has told them all that they are playing for their contracts during the rest of the season ahead of a summer clearout of the “deadwood”.

Primarily, Theo Walcott and Robin Van Persie have contracts up for renewal and it has been suggested that Walcott (who has high hopes of replacing Van Persie as centre-forward) won’t be offered a new one unless he drastically improves his consistency, while it is now extremely unlikely that Van Persie will be signing on the dotted line as he now knows that he won’t win any trophy if he stays…

Now I can certainly believe that Wenger slated the players behind closed doors after seeing his face at the end of the game, although I believe he normally prefers the silent treatment and a shake of his head, but I doubt very much that he will actually carry through his threat of a clearout if they don’t perform.

Last summer he couldn’t even sell Bendtner and Denilson although both clearly and publicly stated their wish to leave at the end of the season, so it is not as easy as just putting them on the market. And if he REALLY was going to get rid of the deadwood, how come Johann Djourou just got a new contract. Surely he can’t still be considered “promising at 25 years of age???