Henry Calls For Calm. Is He Right?

Arsenal’s legendary striker Thierry Henry proved once again that he’s perhaps the most addicted Arsenal fan in the world and that the saying “once a Gunner always a Gunner” doesn’t apply to anyone better than it does to him.

“Even the generation before that won the Double in 1998 or 1971, they had some very bad moments,” he told Arsenal.com. “So that is what I would like to say to the fans: do not forget that.

“It was not always nice and pretty, you have to remember that we had some times where we just wanted to go home at the end of the game. The difference is how this team can react and I think this team can do that.

“We realise it is going to be a hell of a task but who knows? The Sunderland game is just around the corner so we have to go there and win.”

“You have to remember that you go through moments where it is not always nice.

“If you are an Arsenal fan then you are an Arsenal fan, that’s the way it is. Once a Gunner you are always a Gunner, you can’t change.

“I can’t talk for people whose families have supported Arsenal forever. But I am sure if you talk to their parents and their parents too, they will tell you to enjoy this generation because they had some bad moments.

“I am sure the fans will understand that they have to stay with the team. We all need to be together because it’s the same when the team is winning and also when you lose.”

The problem now is that although the tough times are clear to everybody Wenger doesn’t seem too keen to make any changes soon and without a few top transfers the situation won’t get better any time soon.