Four Arsenal Players Who Have To Go! Who Should Replace Them?

We are all speaking these days about how bad Arsenal’s season is, about the drought the Gunners have been going through for quite a while now and about how close they came last year to making history but ended up in despair losing all trophies and a few very highly skilled players.

Let’s try to think about the reason this is happening. I think the main reason is the lack of top quality players. Sure, Wenger did say that Arsenal came very close last season and that they would have probably won it this season if the players wouldn’t have left, and I agree, but what about the current squad? I think that a few have to go as soon as possible, or at least be banned from the first team.

  1. Aaron Ramsey – he was a very skilled midfielder until he got badly injured and ever since his injury it seems that he can’t quite find his form again and instead of creating chances for his colleagues he loses the ball more often than not through bad dribbles or horrible passes.
  2. Thomas Rosicky – he never quite blend in at Arsenal and now he’s already a veteran, so there’s no reason to keep him because he doesn’t help much on the field anyway attempting shots which never hit the target and passes which end up badly.
  3. Andrey Arshavin – even though he has great crosses and sometimes incredible shots he can’t find his way into the first team too often and when he does he’s just too lazy to help too much, and Chamberlain is the better option anyway.
  4. Yohann Djourou – when is the last time he had a good game? Every time he comes on even if it’s on the left side, right side or in the center the defense always seems to be in some kind of weird panic where everybody is trying to cover for him, and we all saw how long it took for him to mess up when played against Milan. Miquel is a much better (and younger) option.

Sure, others like Chamakh or Park also have to go but at least they don’t get to play anymore, at least not too often. Who do you think should be brought in come summer for Arsenal to have a real chance at some trophies next season?