Johann Djourou promises to “show everyone my qualities”

The Arsenal defender Johann Djourou has been roundly slated by the Arsenal fans for his performance against AC Milan, as well as his disastrous attempts at trying to cover at right-back during the Gunners injury crisis.

But now he says he will definitely be stronger as he is returning to his favoured centre-back role. “I am happy to be back in my position and to show what I am worth,” Djourou said.

“This season has been a bit harder for me. I have had to play out of position where I am not used to but I have tried to do my job, but I am not a right back.

“People forget and think that if you play in a position, ‘Johan Djourou is a right back’, but I am not, I was there to help the team. Now I am back in my position and I will show everyone my qualities.”

With Per Mertesacker out for the long term and Laurent Koscielny out this week, all Arsenal fans will be hoping that he doesn’t show the “qualities” on display on Wednesday in Milan!